Just so tired

Just so tired

I wish I had something uplifting to say.  I voted, there’s that. I’m fearful that in general the elections will be interfered with. I’m fearful our institutions, as screwed up as they are, will continue being corrupted and failing. I’m fearful that hate has risen so high it can’t be shamed away and that there is no shame left in the angry ugly loud white people tearing everything apart. I’m fearful more children will be hurt.

I have to say I’m surprised at just how craven and greedy those in power are. I thought there were limits, but there don’t seem to be.

And then there are personal fears. For my child, for my friends.

It’s been two years of fear and anguish for those most affected by the cruel, indifferent and selfish old white men and women looting our future and trampling on all the things that made us hopeful and good as a country.

I  have done many of the things I should, not enough. I have given to many of the people I should, not enough. Not enough. Not enough.

We all need a little rest. We all need to be able to exhale. I hope we get it. Just a respite to begin to fight again.