Just Write!

Just Write!

Ok, here goes. The other day, A post I read at Mental Mosaic , written by the effervescent Tui Cameron, got me thinking. And this is a BIG circle so bear with me.

I noticed that all my writing projects—in school, jobs or personally have 3 distinct points on the graph to them.  The beginning which is full of excitement and anticipation of what might be discovered is quite nice. But I also have a point where I just get tired of it. The exercise of always writing or writing so much—making the voice inside my head go to the outside of my head can get a bit freaky. A bit loud. Finally and somewhat ironically, I hit the stride where it becomes a habit and I think I’ll just keep it up. Which is kind of where I am now. I say kind of, because I was there a couple of days ago, but Fangsgiving tired me out and today I literally stayed in bed reading and bonking all over the internet. The Bean got invited to play at her friends the twins (I like saying that) house and their parents feel like I do—yes send me your kids—then I don’t have to keep thinking up stuff for mine to do!

Ok not that I don’t love playing with her but I’m not  in the 8-11 age range. (tangent—when do you become a tween, is that 10-12?)

So I was all fired up by Tui’s post mentioned above (and honestly by her blog—aside from the fact that she’s a genuinely nice person, she writes like somebody I’d like to know, her pictures are gorgeous and her topics interesting)and then…well then the old leg situation tired me out.  The Spirit willing kind of thing.

So…and now we come around to the post’s idea…and the idea that I covered those two semesters in my second master’s degree….that you just write. They called it Free writing  or Just Write, and that’s the big fad in ELA right now, and one I actually agree with and hope remains. I was  tired and just made myself start writing. I’m not saying I didn’t get distracted…I had to stop and discuss the Bean’s letter to Santa (and please someone tell me where Santa is going to find the dang Monster High Dolls that are not priced like diamonds!) and I needed to get Pandora Radio running on this laptop (and think that the one remaining good thing about my 6 year old laptop is that is was the media center XPS from Dell so the speakers at least are great, which then sent me over to look at Alienware laptops). I sound like I have ADD, but I don’t—I can give hardcore concentration when it is called for. You can check out some of my videos on my YouTube channel (check out my Socratic circles video, that took hours). I just think really fast.

Also my YouTube channel is pink and purple because Bean wants it to be and some of those videos are hers not mine.

So Tui said it MUCH better at Mental Mosaic but I just got excited to see that connection in the ether. I’ve read both those books, I subscribe to free writing as the way to GET writing and that maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to use nablopomo this year to get me back to my (and the Bean’s) edited to actually finish the sentence that I fell asleep writing!


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