kibbles and bits

kibbles and bits

I am completely random today, why? Well I think we can be fairly sure we didn’t make a baby this month. I am reserving full judgement (and that beer that’s eyeing me over there) until tomorrow, but I’m 90% right.


We do want another child. Yes, we are 95% in the we do camp. I think the 5% is the margin of error or the ‘oh shit, what are we doing,” factor. This time is obviously not as easy as last time. And we have a self imposed deadline of February. How much do you bet we let that slip a month or 12?

I don’t know, maybe we are good as three and need not be four. Maybe I just need another cat (or 2 more cats, I have a lot of maternal instinct). Or a dog, or a freaking hippopotamous with litterbox issues. Oh wait, I have one of those.

Insert random moment.

You won’t see our lovely furry hippo in this picture, but you will see our geriatric, diabetec, toothless little old lady determined to get into the bag of carbohydrates reserved for sparing crunch by her brothers.
Trust me, she was the ring leader:

3 of the 4 evildoers:

Can’t you just hear her: “now I’ll just put my paw in here and you tear there with your teeth and we’ll get ALL that food out RIGHT NOW!”

Nothing like murdering a bag of kibble. It can’t run fast, but oh boy does it have a tough hide.

Please note–the small blue furred old lady HAS NO TEETH. None, nada zip. She will gum the hell out of the crunchies though.
I will not describe her poo.


I did get back to the gym today and made myself sweat a lot. r(edacted)


My hair is a very nice red. Strangely, I’m not sure it should be this red. I am shocked by making this statement, for I long sought the perfect crayola color. Then when that became ridiculous, I sought an intense but mostly natural red.
Now I’m wondering if perhaps I should be strawberry blonde. Or maybe it’s just my ‘hormone eyes,” as dear J calls it.


I find myself disgruntled at X . Not going to say too much more about that, but I’d much rather be gruntled. I don’t like to be lied to.


Will be taking a fiction class in February

Will be hosting 15 people for Fangsgiving and cooking most of the food. Yes, I am insane. Insert maniacal laughter accompanied by a tune on the turkey baster. Squirt squirt.

And that’s all I have for today.