It was clean and warm and now it is just warm. I think I have the flu. I just woke up and it’s 9:22. I went to sleep an hour ago and I want to go right back.That’s after I came home and then went back out and did some grocery shopping.  I owe emails, I need to clean up, I’m too tired to eat dinner. I’m going to act like my cats, instead of any of those things.


Yes the child got fed, the husband got to eat pulled pork from the crock pot that was too hot for the rest of us. Yes the cats were fed and Thanksgiving scheduled. I don’t want anyone to think I come home and relax or anything!

Furry laundry


  1. Hi Jyllian, I hope you are getting some rest and feel better. Thanks for stopping by my blog-it was nice to hear from you. That Bean. Man, she can sing. That was great. Yes, my kids pains and disappointments sting more than my own ever did/do. But it sounds like she is on top of it! Those teachers? Not very good teachers. Have you ever heard of Natalie Goldberg, “Writing Down the Bones”? Guessing by your bookshelves behind your Bean. I’m guessing it is a possibility, but thought I’d throw it out there in case you haven’t. It reads a lot like a memoir but she has tons of writing suggestions in there. A lot of them are joyful and unusual. Maybe there is some great inspiration for you there, or at least some good reading. Take care, Jyllian. It was a rainy, miserable, sleepy November day here in New England, but I have every faith tomorrow will be sunny. Orat least better. Either or:-)

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