Man is an intelligence in servitude to his organs.  ~Aldous Huxley

Man is an intelligence in servitude to his organs. ~Aldous Huxley

Prompt A: Talk about the ways in which your body is awesome.


Well first of all I suck. I do and I don’t I guess. We had a lot planned in March and did all of it. I wanted to do this project, very much. But I also wanted to travel to Branson to be with dear old friends, to see my daughter off on her first choir bus trip, to have a (very rare) date with my husband, to take our daughter to her FIRST Anime convention….And to switch the house from winter to spring.

It’s been really busy. And while I wanted to do this project I wanted all those things more I guess.

And I’ve been SO very tired. The allergies are horribly bad. Every one of us has been sick. I’ve also been wrung out from my job. I’m in that place where I’m not sure if I should really buckle down and try to make this into what I want and think it could be or give up because I’m not the person to fix it. And there is one giant stumbling block to making things work. One that may be beyond even my powers of cheerfulness and ingenuity.

So what ways is my body awesome? This is tough. I am not a friend to my body, though I am trying to become one.

I love my tattoos, they are all of kitties. I just got one of miss ninny , my 18 year old girl cat who passed away the day before my birthday several years ago. It’s great.I have three others (one of Hotspur my flame point siamese, one of Mr. Newguise my tuxedo boy and one of a giant rampant lion with wings who seems to be farting, but is really on a cloud. I will have to get that fixed)

I’ve been told I have a great smile. Because it is large and genuine and my eyes disappear. I  do not like this but my husband does.

I like my hair that changes every month. Right now it’s the shortest it has ever been and still red. Next month it may be platinum.

I like my hands when I don’t chew my cuticles. I always wanted ‘grown up hands” and it has taken me a long time to have them. One day I’ll learn to paint my fingernails but for now I love that you can see the veins.

I like my ears with my way too many earrings.

I like when I go for a walk in the graveyard, listening to Aqua and dancing when no one can see me.

I like that my body can snuggle my daughter, be furniture for cats and hug my husband.

I hope my body will lift heavy things again soon.