mars edit frustrations

mars edit frustrations

Argh. I am having trouble with cutting and pasting (seems when you do this from the web it puts a white background around everything) or choosing fonts. It isn’t acting much like I expect it to, but that is from years of windows. I haven’t figured out how to switch back and forth from the HTML side. When I cut and paste I end up with a lot of crap, it’s almost like frontpage all over again. It seems like a good program, I just can’t get the gestalt of it yet. Any tips are deeply appreciated. I can’t paste into word and remove formatting (or at least I don’t think I can) Text Edit helps most of the time. I have pages on here–Maybe I’ll try that. I’m new enough to the day to day of mac usage (more experienced with the networking side of macs and making things work that don’t)that this is giving me small fits. It probably doesn’t help that I had to finally change my blog template and commenting and all of it–so I’m not sure which part isn’t working. And so I say again…argh.


  1. Hi – I’m the developer of MarsEdit. Thanks for giving it a try. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly if I can help to straighten out any understandings about the app’s capabilities.

    Pasting rich text is sort of notoriously tricky because it has to be converted to HTML and MarsEdit tries to be smart, but can easily screw things up. It’s better whenever possible to “Edit” -> “Paste and Match Style” to get unstyled text that matches the rest of what’s already in your post.

    To easily switch between HTML and Rich Text modes, you can press Cmd-Shift-T, or select e.g. Post -> Edit HTML Text.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Jyllian M

      Daniel thank you that’s very helpful. As I struggle to become a fully dual OS person (I’ve spent the last many years in windows IT) it is interesting where I find things not to be intuitive that others who have spent years with macs might. Thank you for the help and I’ll see about your support and/or forums

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