Meow Meow Meow

Me, but mostly kitties.

Mr. Teatime (Maine Coon rescue) We adopted him when we thought it would be awhile before we managed to get pregnant. We brought him home and I got knocked up. Bartleby (Siamese) is my boyo, my devoted shadow and sweet guy.  We sometimes call them Skipper and his little Buddy. Mr Teatime is 9 and Bart is nearly 7

Teatime, Bartleby and Me

Babbage the savage cabbage. Rescued from the front lawn of the Junior High I was an interning at, a year ago this October. We intended to just foster him. Yeah right.  Bab the Fab is a bit over a year.

Babbage the beautiful


Haru the cowkitty, The Bean’s cat. She was a a shelter kitty that was scheduled for unhappiness and instead we adopted her for Bean on J’s birthday. Haru is 3.

Haru in the laundry basket

Zak the angry Aby with IBS. He only loves J. (He tolerates me and has finally admitted that the Bean is human and might be useful for pettings). Zack has to live in J’s office right now because he’s taken to peeing on anything on the floor, and the floor. He doesn’t like other cats and isn’t happy we kept Babbage. He keeps asking if we can return him to the cat store. Like I said he lives in J’s office (it used to be a bedroom, so don’t feel bad for him. It also has an adjoining bathroom that he gets too) and he prefers it that way. Zak is 11, he is also peeved.



And that is our current furry family.

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