Miss Ninny’s new Vet

Miss Ninny’s new Vet

Got Miss Ninny a full geriatric checkup with her new vet at the All Cats Clinic (recommended by a friend). Dr. Larsen is not as charismatic as Dr. Bryan, Dr. Zink or Dr. Rovner (I will *always* miss those three guys) but she was patient, gentle and thorough. I think she’ll do until DeeDee (a friend from High School) gets her private practice off the ground (she’s currently the vet for the Fayetteville animal shelter). Miss Ninny looks good for her age and illness but she’s losing her sight (slowly thank goodness) and might have a thyroid problem (not uncommon in older cats and diabetic cats). All looks good initially but we have a week for the fructosamine levels to come back and two weeks for the thyroid. I want everything to come back fine. Luckily too, she’s on Humulin N, which has NOT been discontinued by the drug company as L and U were. But it is likely she’s going to be on insulin the rest

of her very long long life.

That’s my prayer…the long life part. She’s been curling up under my chin at night and purring her fish breath into my face. Bartleby sleeps on my lap, Teatime on my feet and Zach in between James and I under the covers.

And that’s the way it’s going to stay for quite a while.