More than a Movie

More than a Movie

Came home bummed again. Yes this is a refrain. I’m not sure if it is just needing the break or something more.

I think it might be something more.

J suggested we go to dinner and see Puss in Boots. We all love the crazy kitty with Antonio Banderas’ voice and it certainly cheered me up.

I came home wanting only to go to sleep and my wonderful family chattered me back to a semblance of my self. We were all laughing and pointing—of course we were, we have five freaking cats, this is a movie made for us.

Then Bean and I came home and made this for Mr. J

Lord high Zaculon

I made myself go tonight because I feel guilty about—well I feel like I’m not doing enough activities with the Bean, enough things with the family. And I’m glad I did– make myself go, that is. Because when you are feeling down, the kindness of your own little family can make you feel enough better to be able to try again tomorrow. Love you little family.