My Second Job

My Second Job

My second job is also a pleasure

A while back I decided to learn html. A long while ago. I’ve built my websites myself for years until one day I paid a friend to do so because, well, because it was a good thing to do. And I’ve traded building my site for  things as well, because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I’ve found out differently. I’ve got a lot more skill than I had from the days of notepad . I’m going to be learning for awhile but I keep learning. And I have to say I’m getting really really good at WordPress. So good I’m thinking of changing out my own site for something of my own creation.

Ok, but maybe still using the excellent cats that the designer many years ago made.

While the sites I work on don’t look exactly as I would have them, they make the owners happy and they do the job. They do the job to the tune of 22,000 hits in one month. And I’m really proud. I spend hours. sometimes stayed up all night to get things right. I tweaked and tried and replace.

I’m sure there are people out there that could do better. I’m sure there are people out that that THINK they could do better (and some would be wrong thank you very much) the thing is …they didn’t. They DIDN’T put in the hours, the effort or the research. And I’m glad I did. I helped friends, I learned a lot and I think I’ve launched a new career. I hope I have. I’ll know in another year when I’ve paid some more dues.