My view on the couch

My view on the couch

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I don’t have a lot to say today except OW. I have to keep the cats off my leg, which is easily twice the size of my other one. I’m clammy and everything hurts. Yuck.
I don’t get around very well on crutches, so I don’t know how that is going to work .

Also I’m backing up my laptop (personal, not work) because it is acting like it is near death. I can’t stand how IE 8 interacts with just about everything right now. And the next time I get a laptop I’m going to max out on the RAM. The big reason this is an issue is because the laptop is almost 6 years old. So yeah, back up and reformatting. while I’m stuck on the couch.

I hope I get some sleep tonight, last night was not so great, it hurt just WAY too much .

Hopefully I’ll get a shower tomorrow, that will help me feel sort of like I’m human. I’m trying not to obsess on how I”m going to get in the door on Monday and carry all the stuff I have to carry….I’ll start that on Sunday. I’ll just make it through the rest of today.