no more words

no more words

Well here it is and I made it. It’s hard to tell from my stats (I have a global collection, it’s slightly obscure–guess I should get a hit counter) but I got a small bump in traffic I guess. I don’t think I picked up any new readers, but I did find a couple of blogs I may add to my reading list.

All in all it was instructive. I’m still flailing about some of the same things. And I have an up and down cycle that became more evident. I also find that if I have a requirement to write I will. And will keep finding things to write about. So I got a book of writing exercises, will be signing up for a class in February.

It’s been a good experiment, I appreciate the small sense of accomplishment I have from it and I liked reading others. It was fun too. And way less freaky stressful than nanowrimo.

I won’t keep posting everyday. That would turn into musings on what I had for lunch and trust me, my lunches are absolutely nothing to spend more than one word on, that word of course being, um lunch.

But I can post twice a week, maybe even three.

Say goodnight gracie.

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