Nope, you can’t make me, no way, no how.

Nope, you can’t make me, no way, no how.


I want a Reverb 11, Resound 11, Weverb11 etc etc  prompt aggregator.  I’d like to choose a prompt without having to locate several many websites.

Luckily though Geekin Hard has collected many in one link page so that now there’s just no need to have a complete libra collapse.

It’s actually not THAT onerous, and it is interesting, I think I’m just a bit overwhelmed with the whole thing. Too many choices. ARGH

And of course with other things too.

So you know what again, I’m just checking in. We went to the Bean’s Children’s Choir Christmas Concert tonight with my Mom and that was nice. The kids sang the Grinch and it was about the cutest thing ever.

There was also the older kid’s choir, an adult choir and a Bell Choir. The folks playing the Bells looked so incredibly happy to be performing. And a Bell choir is really neat. I was reminded what was missing from my own life watching those folks smile their way through their performance—and they were genuine smiles.

So again, I’m just enjoying a day of NOT. Not gonna do it. I’m going to go sit over here and eat worms, grow mushrooms, pout in the dark—you name it, I’m NOT going to do it.

Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow.