October surprise

October surprise

I’m scared, really scared about politics again, for the first time since well, last week.

I’ve been scared since the Shrub stole the first election. And the truth is coming out about that, but the predominantly conservative mainstream media (it has been disgusting how the media has rolled over for this administration) really just hasn’t reported on Bush’s lies and inconsistancies, and obvious OBVIOUS scandals. They’ve just turned a blind eye.

I was scared when they swift boated Kerry. I was scared how we were lied into Iraq and our phones tapped. We torture our prisoners and have secret holding centers where the detainies have no rights. It keeps getting uglier and uglier. I’m so frightened and disgusted by what these people with no regard for right and wrong do in the name of what?

What are they doing? I don’t understand anymore. In the name of George Bush innocents are detained and tortured. Children are killed by our bombs. Our civil liberties are laughable and we’ve mortgaged our future to pay for a war that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 no matter how Shrub tried to tell us it did. Where is all this money he’s spending coming from? Why is there enough money for this war but not enough to pull people out of poverty or fund our schools? And why is everyone so scared?

And now there’s an election. And the people who have shown disregard for our standing in the world community, who think nothing of stealing elections and torturing innocents and destroying the middle class and writing off one of our own cities because it’s predominantly poor and black–well how in the hell do we think they aren’t going to pull something out of their hat at the last minute?

And how HOW can they scream and rant about protecting our children from pedophiles, drugs and gay marriage then turn around and stalk our children and have secret homosexual relationships and buy meth?

Why can’t people who love each other get married and raise children. Isn’t it the love that matters? Are there more homes than children who need them? Why do I care what two people do in their home as long as they are functioning members of society and good to their kids and animals? And why don’t we help our drug addicts instead of penalizing them? Why do we fund the drug suppliers with one hand and throw the users in jail with the other? Why are these people so upset about two men living together in love when they themselves secretly turn to the ugliest darkest place they can find?

I know it’s time to turn the bums out, but I’m scared we can’t. I think they have too much power and are too in control of everything. Paranoia or just realism?

That won’t stop me from voting though. And it won’t stop me from talking about it. I’m really scared about the world my daughter is growing up in, a world where hypocisy and duplicity are rewarded and those who care for the less fortunate,preach tolerance and work for peace are defiled and called weak. I thought the Reagan years were ugly, but this seems much much worse. It’s obvious Bush and his cronies don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves or anything but power.

It has to change. With all of these things happening finally finally to expose the hypocrisy of the Right and with the truth about voter fraud (how easy it really is to hack a Diebold and intimidate or mislead ‘minorities’ into not voting) and the lies behind Iraq, well if somehow the Republicans remain in power after Tuesday then you know.

You know you really are no longer living in a democracy–our government is bought and paid for.
War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength.