Once again, Democracy is on the line

Once again, Democracy is on the line

America is full up with insanity. I’m beyond shocked and disgusted at what was beneath the surface of what I thought was a basically good country, but in reality isn’t.

The Tangerine Mussolini allowed the worst to come out of people who used to be at least nominally embarrassed or ashamed of being racist, misogynist, homophobic Anti-Semites. Now they don’t give a shit. When they aren’t belching about stolen elections, they are screeching about “the unborn.” And in between those two they are flinging racial, trans and homophobic slurs as fast as their toothless mouths will let them.

I said I was disgusted right? I am. And angry.  I knew America had racial problems. And was in general homophobic. I know my trans sisters and brothers are always in danger. I fear for our daughters in the coming Gilead. I knew years ago we were headed down this path, but was called reactionary and a snowflake.  Yeah, fuck that- a southerner knows bigotry when they see it.

I’m not looking at the news, at the polls, and I’m leaving twitter (more of a cesspool than ever with the Elongated Muskrat in charge)and going to Mastodon. But I’m off of there for today (mostly, maybe?) because I can’t bear the news that I dread may be coming. If it is as bad as I fear, I won’t be watching the news again for as long as is safe.

And none of us knows how long that will be. I expect there will be fist fights, shootings, fires…

I really do. Another civil war? I think we are in one already and have been.

I think I’m going to throw up so hard I time travel to 2024 so I can do this all the fuck over again.