Paws for Snuggling

Paws for Snuggling by jyllianm4/365
Paws for Snuggling, a photo by jyllianm on Flickr.

I have a circulation and temperature thing (have had my whole life) and my hands and feet get very very cold and don’t get warm again. So sometimes I wear gloves (and socks/slippers) even under blankets. I had finished things for the evening and was settled in for a cat snuggle and a bit of Netflix when I asked J to toss me some gloves. Cat rule you know–you don’t have to get up if the cat/cats are on you. SO…he tossed me the cat paws. And I wore them. Confused the hell out of the cats, especially when I started petting them.

I’m trying this photo a day for a year. So I’ll have a photo movie at the end of things. I don’t know that I’ll post every day–that might be a bit insane. But I’m going to try.