Perchance to Dream, Aye there’s the Rub

Perchance to Dream, Aye there’s the Rub

A Peace of Clothing. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Every year I wear out several black cardigans of varying weights. They are my armor, my uniform. I started wearing cardigans because I didn’t want to wear blazers. I wear blazers now, usually vintage men’s but still I go back to cardigans. I have many. I wear them because they aren’t too dressed up but somewhat so. I have quite a few tattoos, so in the summer, at various jobs, they are required.  My hope is that by summer I’ll feel less like I *need* to wear them when I’m off work.

As for peace—for most of this year I have only been able to find peace when sleeping. And I hadn’t been sleeping well and needed help to do so for most of this year. Not any more. 

Now I can find peace walking to and from my desk. Now I can find peace driving . Now I’m finding peace many many more places.

And…I can sleep without help again. 



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