Quodlibet you haven’t heard this one

Quodlibet you haven’t heard this one

Well, it’s kind of hard to title this one and I was getting tired of the Letter than word titles. Argh.

So, what’s a quodlibet ? It’s a medley. Kind of.

I’m writing a bit earlier tonight, which is good, to get more time to read and comment, and also because there are guys destroying our kitchen right now in order to fix it. Mostly the ceiling. The popcorn is coming down because when the roof leaked a huge chunk of the ceiling came down and has been down for awhile. But first we had to buy the roof because our insurance is not so good. Something we have to fix this year. Sigh. And we need another new door. Oh yeah and new floors and cabinets. ARGH. Not because we’re bored with the decor mind you but because it’s yucky and falling apart.


But I digress. I’m finding the letter topics a bit limiting, but that may be good right now and keep me from grucching about oh stuff and things.

Quodlibet is basically a well blended whatever. A  ‘whimsical combination of familiar melodies or texts”  My first experience with one was as a kid listening to PDQ Bach. I listened to quite a bit of classical music as a kid, even becoming a classical music DJ in college for awhile. I also have loved swing music since well, forever–at one point I had a victrola (I really need to see if my mom still has that dammit) and scoured garage sales for records and wrote away for the special nail like needles it needed. ANYway….here’s the first one I ever heard: Quodlibet for Small Orchestra <–Long  and probably only funny to a few weirdos like me.

You can bet I looked THAT word up.

I wonder, is a quodlibet the same thing as a medley? Yeah, sure it is, but funny. So I guess that gorgeous Brudder Iz, Over the Rainbow, Beautiful World probably doesn’t qualify. No, funny is the operative word here, so more like this:


or one of my personal favorites (because I LOVE Ukeleles!! I’ve got one and I’m going to learn to play it again) is The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain (You should hear their versions of Psycho Killer or Smells Like Teen Spirit)

I really appreciate how much fun they have


So there you have it.  And what’s funny too, is while I originally wanted to be navel gazing (something I do way too much of as it is) I really enjoyed pulling up these obscure and happy little bits for you.

See you tomorrow for R, which might just stand for Rrrrrz Weasles ripped my flesh. Or not.


  1. You and I probably share a lot of eclectic musical tastes judging from the references in this post. The videos are very cool.
    I saw Peter Schickele (PDQ Bach) in concert when I was in college in the early 1970s–such a fun concert. I don’t recall ever hearing this word quodlibet before–a good one.

    I’ve done a music post that might interest you.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Jyllian M

      THe best thing about music is how much of it and how many different kinds there are. I love just about everything. I haven’t found my way into new country–but I do like bluegrass and patsy cline (and johnny cash). I’m also crazy about bands like the Virgin Prunes, Nick Cave and Max Raabe. There’s so much out there –just like books!
      I’m jealous you got to see PDQ Back, I would have loved that!

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