Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

From James:

“If you’d told me five or six years ago that I’d be living in Fayetteville Arkansas, liking it and sitting in a church basement singing kum ba yah, I would have asked you to have your head examined.”


The kids are learning kum ba yah to sing next Sunday, today was orientation for UU religious education. One of my favorite old profs was there (I was his research assistant and he gave me an honors tutorial on Marxist Feminism as an undergrad)and he runs the Omni center ( http://www.omnicenter.org/ ) and today’s message was on living a truthful life and how deceit is harmful to ourselves and others. And there was a lot of speaking about the war . It was really great. When the visiting minister mentioned satyagraha in the context of the message he relaxed quite a bit (“Truth-force.” A fuller rendering, though, would be “the force that is generated
through adherence to Truth.”)

The Bean enjoyed her day muchly.

Payton came over for a few hours on Saturday too. My sister is sick with the same cold that I have and that is all over NWA so we got to make peanut butter and have pizza with the girls. It was so cool. They found a caterpillar and bumped on their butts down the stairs for about an hour, it seemed like. We’re going to have a sleepover soon too I think. My mom has been by to see the house (as have several others, all of whom have been really great about it, entirely unlike how many folks behaved in Chicago when we got the place in Barrington) and the consensus thus far is that it is pretty neat.

This week I’m going to try and find a part time school thing for the bean. Nothing ambitious, just something for her to have some other kids to be around. It’s hard though–the schools are full and many of them are full time. I don’t really want that for the Bean just yet–she’s only three and a few hours a day , a few days a week is about all that’s needed to meet most of her social needs. In the meantime we hit the park every morning (or every morning when I don’t feel like poo, which I still kinda do).

It was a really neat weekend,despite being sick though.