Relax, go to it

Relax, go to it

relaxedaprilmoon_4(April Moon 15, day 4)Right now as the house is on the market…nope not now.

Last month as we pushed through the major painting, fixing and re-arranging to list the house–nope not then.

The previous several months as I packed and cleaned and re-arranged–not really.

The last 10 months as I held down a full time job on part time pay and part time hours…not then either.

I don’t relax much. Not now, not with trying to figure out moving across the country….again.

Good move yes, for the best, yes. Necessary yes. Easy? No.

I get some time each night with a cat on my lap . Once a month I see my friend Paul and he makes my hair better and that is …well not exactly relaxing, but I unclench for a while. I’ve been constantly clenched for two years.

I went out for dinner with a wonderful group of women recently. It was great fun. I am a nervous person in public, so I wasn’t relaxed per se…but it was good.

Last summer when I looked at the Pier in Galveston I could exhale and wistfully remember a few good summer days as a kid.

I think it was a few years ago in Disneyland when I really felt like I didn’t have a list of to dos 29 miles long . I hope I get to do something really fun when we get to Oregon. Something like a Cthulhu convention or a Renaissance Fair or a Shakespeare festival.

And I’d like to see the Ocean again.



  1. Christine

    I’m getting excited to have you on the west coast! And good for you for taking up a blogging challenge. I can’t seem to keep up with that for long, although I want to.

    1. Jyllian M

      It’s been a rough last year…but I’m using everything I can to pull me out of it. I hope you can come for a visit once we get settled and I’ll be coming to the Bay Area for sure!! I miss you!

      1. Christine

        You can count on a visit from me! It’s a quick jump to Portland from the local airport here, and a car rental takes care of the rest.

        And of course I look forward to having you visit here as well! I’m starting to fix up the house so it will have a proper guest room.

        Moving is insanely stressful! Take care of yourself, you deserve some pampering.

        How’s the gluten free going? I’m trying to cut down on dairy, and I think it helps my joint pain. Getting older stinks sometimes.

        1. Jyllian M

          I’ve managed to avoid most gluten and it has made many many things better. Waiting for the house to sell and then figuring out where will live–argh. That is going to be something. But we will get through it because well you just do, you know? I can’t wait to see you!
          How are you managing without CHEESE? I have found I prefer almond milk on my cereal.

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