Reverb Day 11 What stories touched you this year? Which stories of your own are you glad you shared?


I  don’t have much to say on this because I don’t have it in me to go off on another rant right now.


I’ll leave you with this link

and this

(not from this year, but …)

“The National Rifle Association has remained largely silent following the murder of 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, plus the alleged gunman’s mother.”

And from this year

‘It’s constant shots and constant firing. And all you can think is, Why don’t they stop?’unregulated populatioin

—Trudy Raymundo, director of San Bernardino County Department of Public Health

Movie theatre shootings, shootings at grocery stores, schools, holiday parties. Tiny children and the elderly. When will we do something?

I know this is supposed to be a more lighthearted look back on the last year. I could have written about the cute rescued kitten who got prosthetic feet or tiny which is full of heartwarming moments.

But I just can’t stop thinking about how there is an element of fear in public places that I didn’t have before.