Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.

Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.

aprilmoon_day11 Well that’s kind of an ironic topic for me.

I’ve been keeping a journal online since the 90s.

Not all of it is still up, and some is locked behind passwords .

I was a confessional poet when I was a poet and I’m more than a bit of a confessional blogger.

I do try and leave some things out.

Work mostly. And now things about The Bean because she is old enough to say what she does and does not want out there.  Some things about J and I. Hey 14 years of marriage has its ups and downs but those don’t belong out in the ether too much.

And I’m trying not to say negative things. Or if I do to follow it with a positive. I think we are defined by the words we send out into the world and our hearts and minds hear those bad things we say about ourselves.

Some things I have to talk about after the fact too. Some things you just have to be in, go through and only then can the words be more than incoherent murmurs and rantings.

I had to hide for so long, that I tend not to anymore about my own struggles. But when it involves those I love well, discretion is good.

Except the cats. I’ll say anything I want to about them.


  1. Hi Jyllian, your post resonated with me and it is lovely to find another blogger who is willing to allow others in a little closer. It takes courage. Thank you 🙂 Linda visiting from April Moon 15

    1. Jyllian M

      thank you Linda for coming by. It is an interesting tightrope to walk…too much or too little…discretion makes for boring writing but is necessary sometimes.

    1. Jyllian M

      That’s why I have a pass coded document for some of that sort of thing. If I need to write it and keep it I can. And no one will ever have to read it. Other things I write and delete. I guess it is the digital equivalent of wiring those letters you never send.

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