Sentence first- verdict afterwards

Sentence first- verdict afterwards

Reverb Day 7

I am in such a holding pattern, I don’t know what I am the verdict of. Still here. Still trying to move forward but not lose touch with with the love, hearings and endings I’ve found from moving back home. It is a good place in

your best bet
Your best bet by theilr

many ways and I’ve crossed over many ghosts. I’ve lost anger here and found friendship.

There have been some tough things that have happened here, but I wouldn’t trade E’s last three years in school for anything. I feel like more than anything our friends, her friends, her school–those are the real reasons we are here. These friendships, renewed and new couldn’t have happened the same anywhere else and I’m so grateful for them.

The verdict? What really matters is what you focus on, the good or the bad. There will always be difficulties, there will always be scars–and sometimes even when you think they are healed those will open up again. Put on a bandaid and have some friends over for Thanksgiving or something.

I’m catching up again because I was in a car accident early this week. I’m ok, my poor cube isn’t but will be by next week. Thank goodness for great insurance and accident forgiveness.