Sit Lux et Lux Fuit

I have an interview or two or three. I have about 10 resumes out there, and have started getting positive responses back. I’m so excited to be going back to work. I did enjoy using my brain and effort in the M.A.T. program–I just didn’t like the fact that there was never any breathing space. None. You never got even one moment to savor an accomplishment. Not resting on laurels mind you, but just having a moment to enjoy a job well done.

We went to Nightbird books yesterday. Love that place. I like it even better in the new Dickson location. The books are more expensive than Borders, Barnes and Noble or Amazon but the atmosphere is excellent. I try to get at least one out of three books there. There is an excellent CHEESE sandwich restaurant called Hammontrees. James had a Jack to the future and I had the Scarlet Chedder. Um…Cheese is good. And this is extra cheese.

I’ve got some pictures somewhere, why? Because it is cheese. I’ll put them up in a bit.

Ah here they are (edited the morning after)

elliptical 0006

elliptical 0007