Snotty doctors or snotty at the doctors

Snotty doctors or snotty at the doctors

I’m not sure what the problem is with this doctors office or doc’s offices in general out here but every time I call, no matter how pleasant and polite I am, I get Nurse crappypants or Admin crankysnout on the phone.

If you don’t like kids or their parents why did you become a pediatrician or work at a pediatrician’s office?

And the ped we’ve seen a few times was barely phoning it in (not seeing him today or any other day if we can manage it) and actually seemed to dislike his job.

I get it that life gets in the way of your job sometimes and everyone has a bad day, but the water cooler in this place must be spiked with blue meanies.

And weirdly the other ped on the provider list in the area isn’t answering her phone today, if indeed it is her phone number, because even information was confused.

This sort of thing makes me miss the city–many docs to choose from and J’s health plan was taken everwhere (it’s a good one too, but apparently they think his company is on mars around here and don’t take it many places) .

Hopefully I won’t climb up someone’s butt today when I take Bean in to have allergies and possible ear infections checked out. But maybe they are all constipated or something and that would help.

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