Spooky decor

Spooky decor

The Bean is feeling sick today. Perhaps the big stay up late party (we let her have a late night every few months, this month she got two–Halloween and our friend’s birthday party –lots of her friends and screaming around)
so I don’t have a lot of time –she needs her snuggling and a movie or two.

A decorative retrospection of our recent Halloween. I was very proud our decorations this year. For the last four years I’ve really wanted to decorate elaborately, especially the last three when we were in our own homes (hard to decorate an apartment but some manage). I forgot to take many pictures of the inside–we had cobwebs and spooky signs and weird candles and lots of skully bits. We had a talking skullhead in a globe as a centerpiece too.

But the outside! Ach, we did great this year and have more involved plans for next year.

The 15 foot spiderweb James made from rope.

These are our pumpkins. Emily asked for a smiley one and a Jack skellington scary head one

This is our dead guy

and another view of our dead guy

And the bit I love, our little graveyard. I’m not sure you can see the arch, but I got a metal art with Welcome spelled out in bats and with little spiders and scrollwork all over it about three years ago at Target, after Halloween. Marked down from $75 to $15. Oh yeah. It’s too bad the after Halloween sales don’t seem to last as long or have as good stuff as they used too. I tried waiting on some stuff this year and missed out 🙁

It’s hard to see but we had cat and pumpkin votive buckets and three metal staked jack o lantern votive holders. And going up our walk we had metal Jack o lantern stakes. And there was a huge lit up spiderweb in the window. The little skull gate and arch had purple and orange lights on it and J replaced all our exterior lights with flicker candle bulbs. We still haven’t gotten *everything* down. Just a wee bit more outside and a bunch inside. But then again as the Bean remarked, “leave it up Mommy, everyday is Halloween in here.” True words my batling.