Staggering through to tomorrow

Whole family is feeling ill. Different people for different reasons. Mr. J is having allergies. The Bean is having either allergies or a cold we can’t tell quite yet. I am having a reaction to getting some MSG (I don’t have a small reaction to it, I have ended up in the ER before with breathing problems so this is not much fun)we think. So I’m going to take some Benadryl and hope for the best. I did manage to make a huge pot of turkey soup from the leftover bird — we got all the bones out and it cooked all day. That and posting this is going to have to be the major accomplishments for the day.

I know it sounds weird and it is weird for me to say, but I’m ready to be back to eating gluten free and primal- more than ready. It’s going to be a week’s worth of salads or more before I feel normal again.