Stick a fork in me

Stick a fork in me

Did this time change mess everyone up more this time? It did us. I suppose the er, four illnesses didn’t help matters. But seriously, all we’ve wanted to do the last two weeks has been sleep, like immediately after dinner. It’s dark so suddenly at five now that it seems like the best thing to do is put on the big comfy pants, grab a book and something warm and read until you pass out. Except for the fact that it keeps creeping up in temperature at night so the whole dark/cold/book/sleep connection is stuttering a bit.

Except for wanting to sleep. Yeah, last night we passed out before nine. J’s mom got off to the plane today and the Bean was heartbroken but another visit will happen in April. I haven’t had enough time to process what I should be concerned about and what I might have done better on this visit. J said not to worry, but darlin that ain’t my way.

So I can’t concentrate today. I’ve started this post several times. I stop to look at the Amazon Friday sale. I stop and put away the dishes. Finish up the laundry that’s a week overdue. Then a cat need extra pettins. And the Bean needed explanation about what whining is and why working on it will eventually earn her that fairy tea set. Then I needed to clean the cat barf off the heated NinBin (it will always be the NinBin, even though Spaceman Zak has taken it over).Subsequently, of course I needed to watch What Not to Wear and then Clinton Kelly had a house show and Bean needed a snack before bed. Her appetite finally came back though her father’s hasn’t. And mine, eh I think I’m too burnt to care. (an aside–I got to the end of this and wanted to link to pictures of 2/5ths of the cats and I spent 45 minutes looking at pictures of Ninny and missing her something fierce. She was a Dame).

I did make it to the Library, and it was lovely. I got a few Cd’s, some Louisiana Blues, a Charleston Sampler and Sigur Ros , um yeah my taste in music could be called either eclectic or schizoid, really anyone’s call. As for books, pretty much the same thing, I’m rather well promiscuous in my tastes: Anthony Bourdain’s book , Nasty Bits, Italo Calvino’s Numbers in the Dark (I loved If on A Winter’s Night a Traveler,The Cloven Viscount, The Baron in the Trees and Difficult Loves–this new one makes me want to pick them all up again and I will)and the newest from Kim Harrison , For a Few Demon’s More. I blame my English degrees.

Now if I could find a way to make money by reading, jesus I’d be frightfully wealthy. I read obscenely fast and retain a lot. It will forever be my regret that I didn’t have the strength to go on for my PhD. Too hard scraping and scraping to get that Master’s and working full time. Couldn’t I just pet cats, kids and read somehow –out loud too? (I read out loud REALLY WELL–I do voices and the kids are rolling on the floor when I’m done and the teachers want me to go to other classrooms–but what do I do with *that*)


. I often wonder if another child would be messing with what (mostly) works really well. We have our routine, and our ways of doing things and she gets loads of attention and I have time for myself and the kitties and some volunteering and to flounder in what I should do next. Yes, but something, or someone is missing. I feel that strongly. And this month’s egg escaped for Freudian reasons, time changes, exhaustion and a bit of fear on everyone’s part.

After the library I finally found some Bio Oil for the cat attack scar on my face and allergic reaction (mosquitoes) scars on my legs. And I bet it miraculously! makes! me! look! 25! again! And because I was in need of emotional succor (retail therapy) I found the buy one get one 1/2 off cover girl sale at the drugstore. I won’t mention the name of the chain store because I HATE IT, but my favorite one (it’s been around 90 years and I take my girl in and she gets a lollipop from the owner the same way I did when I was little)Colliers, didn’t have it (yes that is the same guy I got the lollipop from on the front page, god it’s weird what things make me love having moved back after all this time). And I located a spiderman costume for when the boys come over to play (to add to the Jack Skellington I found at the Disneystore 75% off sale)–it has been noticed there is a glut of girly costumes and not enough for the boys, and to her father’s dismay the Bean has a lot LOT of boy friends. They even want to sit next to her at lunch! Luckily we love the boys that visit.

So tonight the Bean and J were very very tired. I got them snacked and off to bed seriously by 8 ish. Me, I’m staying up and oh, just staying up. Tomorrow, more actual content. I really want to tell you about this wonderful guy I know, Rob Coyote and his incredibly funny blog and great art. He’s an inspiration to me. But more on that tomorrow.

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