Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens

Reverb Day 2

I’m a little behind, that is no surprise. So much stuff going on. Trying to maintain a semblance of a real life while selling a house is not the easiest thing to do. We’ve purged and changed  and rearranged. We clean every single day.  But it is so important that Bean have time with her friends, her room and her desk–while it still is, before it’s time to pack the rest of it away.

I guess the surprise this year is I think I’ve finally found the right kitty litter. I’ve never been one to let my house smell, so mostly we’ve been on top of this. For 8 months we tried crystal litter and it worked pretty well. Low dust, almost none and it kept the smell down until suddenly it turned into a pee swamp. Because we sometimes get short notice we’ve been using Nature’s miracle disposable litter trays. Biodegradable. That way we can put the whole thing in a garbage bag and put in a new fresh one in about two steps. Seriously, sometimes the notice to show is very short.

But crystal works best in one cat households. WAY too expensive with more than one. After searching and not wanting to go back to tidy cat, which I swear would start stinking in a week(we scoop every day, sometimes twice a day, multiple litter boxes) I found that Dr. Elsey’s made a low dust clumping litter with good odor control.

That is what they advertise and it is actually true. No poof of dust, nothing to bother my siamese’s allergies. If you scoop, well I haven’t had a big smell yet.  And it clumps hard and doesn’t leave behind much. I wish I’d found this out at the beginning.

All that said. The surprise is I’ve finally, after a lifetime of being a cat servant, found the right litter. It’s a little silly, it’s a small thing, but actually pretty significant in the life of a cat farmer!

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