Sweet Bartleby

Sweet Bartleby

Sweet Bartleby by jyllianm
Sweet Bartleby, a photo by jyllianm on Flickr.

My ever present boyo. He follows me upstairs, he’s there when I’m sick. He comforts me and is my Siamese shadow. For a siamese guy he doesn’t talk much and he’s very different from the Siamese I’ve had before…but then all cats are different. They might be the same breed but they aren’t the same person. I was working on the Arkansas Anime Festival site and he decided I needed help.


  1. I see a lot of cats on Instagram, but for some reason Bartleby always catches my eye. He possesses an abundance of cat charisma, and always strikes me as regal, kindly, and wise. Glad to hear it’s not all mere projection on my part. What a wonderful cat companion! 🙂

  2. Jyllian M

    well..he’s not wise..or hasn’t become that yet but he is kind and he is gorgeous. He is my special boyo. It’s funny my last Siamese son Hotspur was always the elder statesman, Bartleby is my court jester and comforter.

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