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A little bit o spooky

Some of the pictures aren’t great (it’s hard to take them in utter spooky darkness) buthere’s the opening of our graveyard. It isn’t finished yet—the ghouls aren’t all out but will be this week!

Haiku Halloween

  Halloween coming The darkness falls now Still not soon enough I love Halloween It is the only night ever We are not that strange The veil is drawn taut I feel them near to me now Lost family, friends Well there’s some Halloween Haiku for you. I’ve got a …

A side trip to the Halloween Store

I have to say the offerings around our two closest towns have been dissatisfying. We’ll make one more trip this weekend to Springdale to the Spirit Store, but either, we’ve seen everyone’s full bag of tricks or they just aren’t trying like they used to. Target was more disappointing than …

What a house. Turns out they’re doing OK, the Malfoy’s. However, the interior decorating leaves a lot to be desired. And needless to say, Voldemort isn’t the greatest houseguest. Tom Felton

So is it just me or is there just not as much cool stuff at Target this year…and last. Don’t get me wrong, I love Target Halloween. Seriously. Not so much the costumes but the home décor—the plates, the cups the serving bowls. And the towels. I think I only …

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