Talking to hear your head rattle~C.H. Boyd

Talking to hear your head rattle~C.H. Boyd

That’s a quote of my dad’s. I don’t have anything significant to say, that’s what I’m thinking right now, but I’m doing a “just write” what we do in education to get kids to well, just write.

I got one kid to write this really cool bit about his dog after writing fart for over half a page. Hopefully I won’t have to do that here.


Ok, I’m just going to riff here. I looked at what I was supposed to post for a picture of the week on postaweek and the theme is boundaries and maybe I’m not that great of a photographer but I haven’t seen anything. I’ll keep looking.

Should I go in order of how I think of these things. That’s kind of sad. A guy I used to know pretty well back in the day…way back in the day…died in a fire. He was the soul of Dickson Street. There is very little left of the Dickson street I knew back in the late 80s when I was sneaking into places I had no business being. Bruce Walker was a good guy. I could go there after school when I couldn’t go home and hang out.  He made me a pair of  sandals in exchange for partial payment of his (then) girlfriend’s purchase of my scooter and told me to soak them in the back of the toilet and then wear them to make them fit my feet right. I am tempted to look up the old boyfriend who er…took them? never gave them back despite repeated requests? and ask him if he still has them hidden under his bed or something.

There are many things on the internet I’m upset about. The local pet food pantry Ranger’s Pantry needs food or money. I’m giving some when I get paid on Friday. You should too. If you are a reader from outside of Northwest Arkansas then give some pet food to YOUR local pet food pantry. Why? Because the solace that pets provide is beyond measure. I would not have survived (I do not overstate this) certain times of my life if not for my cats. I had to clean their boxen and feed them  and they came to me when I cried myself to sleep—so I was able to put one foot in front of the other because they needed me. Now these pets need YOU. Do something.

There’s this horrific thing that happened in Texas. I don’t know what to say other than GOOD GOD what the HELL is wrong with those assholes? If you don’t have  a local shelter on your giving list, then get one on there. Or send some $ to this girl’s family. I …just…don’t…understand….What could go through a mind that would make that behavior ok. My thought is that they should all be taken to a scary place and buried deep while alive. But that might not be enough.

Check out this article as well, for more of a balance int he coverage :

I don’t know how to transition from that so I won’t. The idea for this week—DO SOMETHING. Do some good, somewhere. Just something that isn’t about you. Maybe in memory of someone who did something good for you.

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  1. I had not heard about that horrible Texas assault. I just…ugh. I agree with you, though, that the best thing to do when upset by something in the media is to reach out to those around you.

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend passing away. I like how your post came full circle from your, “just write,” approach. Next time I’m stuck writing, I’ll just start with the word fart…


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