Tasty Bits of Cheese

Tasty Bits of Cheese

This is really pretty and hypnotic Wheel of Stars


This is also entrancing. The palindrome setting sound like Dr. Who. I could probably sleep peacefully listening to this.


This video makes me happy every time I watch it: Kitty is a very bad mystic

One of my favorite artists in previous years and a wonderful fan video of a hilarious song USS Make Sh*t UP

Favorite new toy. Because we literally ran out of shelf space. We have bookshelves in every room. Every single room. In some rooms we have bookshelves floor to ceiling along an entire wall. And yes we do get rid of books. It’s a little bit scary to get a book so fast and easy though. The only thing I don’t like about it is this thing I used to be able to do with books I can’t do with a Kindle. I used to be able to see where something was on the page in my mind. I can’t do that with a kindle, because everything is sort of on the same page.

I have to have mentioned how much I love Abney Park. They mix old and new, sci fi and Victoriana, Steampunk’s finest. One of my favorite songs is Airship Pirate. They have a new CD out. Aside from being musically wonderful they are great to their fans. Really nice folks that I hope are successful and happy.

Maybe I’ll write more later. After I get Haru the cowkitty off me (it’s hard to type with a cat on your face and hands) and after I get a shower somehow.


  1. I love the Wheel of Stars – very cool!

    Bf is sleeping, so I’ll wait to check out anything potentially noisy this visit.

    I love being surrounded by books, but I would like a Kindle or some other e reader, too. If i were still living overseas, I would definitely invest. I’m kinda waiting it out now.

    You bring up a good point, too, with the visual memory of where you are in a book. Hard to know where you are in digital files – it bugs me!

    I have the same issue with online versions of magazines. There’s a local magazine here, for instance, that really brought this home to me. I enjoy it so much more when I can flip through it really quickly, mentally scan it, then decide what I want to hone in on. The online version simply annoys me in comparison!


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