That’s what to do

I like the idea of a wysiwyg life, but it isn’t entirely feasible anymore. I don’t want to let this corner of the web go though. I appreciate the dialogues I’ve developed with folks over the last few years. But I’m going for a major change. I’m scaling a mountain, taming a dragon, off on a quest, so a bit of circumspection is required now.

I am taking the energy I would feel being angry at this disruption and instead I’m focusing on this big goal and the other big desire. My darling J is being an excellent cheerleader too. I feel very lucky to have hit this watershed married to him.

I will still write on miscarriage, since that is all to often a whispered subject. And this will continue to be a place for the day to day as well as philosophical ramblings of a sort. Thanks for sticking with me.