The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.― Socrates

Word and Habit

What word can guide me through 2014. The word for 2013 seems to have been upheaval unfortunately.

For 2014? Possibly steady.

I like steady. I want to be steady in my work. Showing up, doing well. No conflict, no difficulty just turning out good product and helping people.

I want to be steady in exercise.  Because I want to be healthy and because the upheaval of this year saw me dropping in and giving up.

I want to be steady in the cooking of good food. Not giving in to eating junk but cooking for us and enjoying it again.

I want to continue to teach Em the habit of being dependable and meeting deadlines—of being a steady person.

I want to be steady again in the upkeep of our home. Because after crashing ceilings and falling of outsides and sudden appliance purchases I’d just like to fix things one at a time and make things nicer steadily.

SnailI want steady to become a habit. I want all these things to become habits because the only habit I had this year was the habit of tears.


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