“The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it” Voltaire

“The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it” Voltaire

First, there is this:

and another excellent version


I’m blown  away by both these versions . The First makes me think of Laurie Anderson, the second Kate Bush.

ANYway..where have I been? For the first time ever I dropped out of a challenge. Why? Well the point was to post the entirety of July and they awarded the prize before July was up. WTF?

The second and more important was I just wanted to spend as much time as possible up to when I went back to work from summer break with my kidlet doing fun things and getting the house in order. I succeeded in the first but not as much in the second. We did get rid of a lot of stuff, though we still have a bit more to get outta the house. I like purging of things no longer necessary. We still have too much, but then I’m a nester not a gypsy.

And the last bit of the summer was –well fraught. There was a job posted I wanted very much. Not because I wanted to leave where I was—I loved the middle school (and the 1 day at the elementary school) and teachers and principal I worked with but I could see bigger challenges just over that hill. And I needed bigger challenges. I get excited about solving problems, about working out processes and making things function and something came open that offered more and bigger things for me to work on. And at the high school. Because while I love kidlets of all ages, my skill level and ability to teach works best with adults and older kids. It just does. I like complexity, a lot and this job has it like a Bubba has beer.

So I interviewed for and got the job. I turned down a job that paid more because I wanted to try for this job.  I’d done a LOT of extra projects on top of my regular work the year before, so I’d kind of auditioned for it –but it was never in the bag I don’t think. The High School folk could have not wanted me, but luckily that wasn’t the case. So now I’m the Integration Technologist or Technology Integration Specialist or Instructional Technologist or something for the entire District or something like that. And also half time at the High School. So I have challenge shooting out my ears now. And as tired as I’ve been since we went back two weeks ago—well I’m also really happy. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.  I’ve taught a couple of PDs, will be teaching more soon and I’m working on some complicated issues. It’s mentally very satisfying.

I have recently fallen a bit off of our Primal eating plan. There were many visits by our adorable niece and other kidlets this summer and when they wanted pizza…well we had it. And also ice cream and well it was summer. It’s still WAY better than last year but not as good as I’d like it. It was a slippery slope. We didn’t fall off the wagon completely but more than I am happy with. I’ve probably put back on a bit, but I can’t tell. We also had birthdays and cake. And going back to work good lord are there homemade cinnamon buns and brownies and cookies and GAAaa. So maybe we didn’t stay on 80/20 but 70/30 or 60/40? But we’re back. Because—eating badly now makes both of us sick—with headaches and nausea and general malaise. So much so that I don’t even want cake for my birthday—I want Wagyū beef and MAYBE crème brulee for dessert. Maybe.

Also my hard drive on my main computer crashed. It’s put a serious crimp in my life since I am the memory keeper and also the Queen of Peripherals. I am also a creature of habit so nothing is getting charged or updated.  J is going to pull it out and see if we can recover what didn’t get backed up (most of it is) and I’ve ordered two new 1.5 TB drives which I’ll mirror and they better not fail so damn quick. The disk on my year and four months HP  failed at a year and 4 months—that is really not acceptable. If I have any more HP problems (my laptop is an HP as well—first time in years I haven’t’ had a Dell) I will mark them off as I marked of Compaqs (yes I know they are part of Hp now) and Gateways (used to like them a loooooooong time ago) in the past. I’m pretty cheesed off right now. 16 months is way too short a life for a hard drive.

Plus I’ll have to install freaking everything again. yurk. And all that music. Argh. Well, argh.

Also my dashing and extremely odd husband has actually decided to start writing in his “bog”  over here at Monkeyhouse Zendo . Not sure what brought it all on, but I like it. And you might too, so go read him

I’ll see you sooner rather than later!