The Elbow of Justice

The Elbow of Justice

Old Bailey and Lady Justice

There isn’t any.
Or I’d be dead.
And so would you.

We have all gotten away with
So much.
Too much?

Can you admit the truth to yourself?
Can I?

It is good Lady J is blindfolded
She can’t see my angry eyes
and crushed heart.

I’d turn you in
and take some punishment as well
if it meant you would have to
measure out your excuses
into her scales.


  1. I believe that there is justice but as made clear in this short poem, justice isn’t always carried out to the letter…and many of us are very fortunate that the elbow of justice has been, rather, forgiving, for we would all be in trouble otherwise. You’ve presented some good food for thought here!

    2014 #atozchallenge Co-Host

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