The quote for the evening

The quote for the evening

First of all, before I get to the most memorable quote of any evening ever (and lo there have been many evenings and many quote lists, some I’m sure still floating around the internet)I have to say that this was hands down the best girl’s night I’ve had in a long time.

I hadn’t been to the grill in about 20 years. I recognized the bartender, though she wouldn’t have known me from sneaking in before I was of age and sat down with my storytelling work and a beer. Just working, talking to a few folks I knew that passed by (that in itself was quite nice, I love being in a place where I’m not anonymous anymore, though I used to relish that)then the girls came in one by one.

I wish I could have had a tape recorder. THe stories of jack o lantern theivery (87 in one night–in the paper, in local cartoons even!)and various indiscretions that ocurred after I’d moved away were more wonderful and hilarious than I’d hoped for–but the basic joy and exchange of company –well I’ve needed something like that for a long time. I had that on a singular basis with my friend Oaky–but a group of women? Not since I left San Francisco. This was perfection. I was approaching it with the Tea party ladies but we moved before enough history developed. There was enough history to relax and listen.

I can’t tell the story the way Karen can, I only hope to hear many retellings so I can approach it ,but she is a singular presence with an easy gift for timing and phrasing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Since I can’t retell the story I have to leave you with this:

“Alice, bring the placenta from the fridge.” And it was brought, from its place next to the spaghetti for dinner that night, stored in a cut crystal punch bowl.

I love being home. +

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