The sword of almost everything.

The sword of almost everything.

The Bean got our her tinkertoys to build swords. OK, we go to Ren Faire and have since she was 2. And yes she does have a character on a carefully watched and edited version of world of warcraft (the alliance, not the horde) ~a pastime she enjoys with her father. I’ve toyed with starting Everquest again, but honestly I’m good with Mahjonng, I spend so much time on blogs and Metafilter as it is, I can’t really add anything else.

OK, so she built first the Sword of Blood. The sword of blood has “more than 59 powers, it has all the powers.” “You just touch someone and they fall down.”

The sword of bones doesn’t have “59 powers, it has almost a lot of powers but not as much as the sword of Blood.” The sword of Bones “pulls all the bones out and you get to be jelly.”

The “Sword of Sparkles,” has “all the pink and purple powers,” “It will make you float and sparkle and lots of fairies will come and visit.”

The “Sword of almost everything, has almost all the powers but not all the powers of the sword of blood. It can do almost everything but not everything. “

Each one of these statements was accompanied by an entirely different sword that she went downstairs and built, then brought up to me (I was in bed with this horrid cold, sucking on a cold eze lozenge). She would show me several moves and how you touched bad guys with them and how they fell down and you didn’t even need to “slish them.” Or with the good powers the swords were like wands and she would do a small ballet dance and sing “la la AHhhhhhh” in an operatic fairy voice.

She didn’t like her father’s contribution “The Sword of Cheese.” “No daddy, that isn’t a good sword it just shoots cheese all over everything.”

“But what if I like cheese, Bean? “

“Daddy, nobody likes cheese on everything. You can’t eat a couch or the curtains with cheese all over it. Or cats. Cats can’t have cheese on them!”

This went on for over an hour. She had several quests and adventures and dances, complete with costume changes (wigs, hats, dresses ) just using her own brain.

I hope I can always remember the “sword of almost everything.” I love how her brain works and she flounces and feints better than anybody.

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