"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings—~ Lewis Carroll

I can’t believe I’m putting this picture on the intarwebz considering how much of a freak out thing I have about seeing unsolicited feet, but…

I bought some  bespoke shoes after years of looking at shoes/boots like these at various faires as a playtron and participant and after purchasing some off the rack from Wild Soles at the Northern California Faire and wearing them into the ground as my main faire shoes. They don’t make them anymore sadly, but they were really cute—though they never fit exactly right.

These were made to my desire  and from a careful pattern made by Richard Polvino of  Turtle Island Moccasins and they are a revelation. First, they are just a gorgeous color (black and turquoise, my favorite!). Second they have a very cool cat outline on the back. Yes one more in my quest to have too many cat shoes (possibly since I’ve reached my quota of actual cats). Finally—they fit perfectly and comfortably right from the start. Somehow there is a heel cradle and arch support built in. Nothing rubbed me the wrong way and they were exactly the right size. I’m in between an 8.5 and 9 so most of my shoes are either a little too big or a tiny bit too small—but not these.

It took me years to get there because these are expensive, but once you wear them you understand why.

What blows my mind though is how comfortable they are! I’m already plotting to get some mary janes or another pair of sandals . I got some doc marten doria sandals from the 6pm website earlier this summer (for $24!) and had them cut down part of the toe flap thing  at Clardy’s (been taking shoes to be repaired there since I was a kid, missed them when I moved away) so they wouldn’t give me blisters. They have been VERY comfortable (I have high arches and a bum ankle so shoes are a big deal to me) though they are a bit too big. I get a UK 7 in boots, but should have gotten a UK 6 in sandals. Ah well it’s fine for $24.  But they are not as comfortable as these from Turtle Island. Or as cool looking.  They even beat out my Born shoes and have as much support as my rare Loints! (my choice of faire boots after I wore out the wild soles—they are still going strong, but need to be spiffed up a bit).

Anyway. Here’s a picture. I’m going to take a few more and share this post with the wonderful Richard Polvino, the artist who made these wonderful creations.




Bespoke turtle island kitty sandals

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