To Nablopomo or  not to Nablopomo

To Nablopomo or not to Nablopomo

I thought that while I was thinking about whether or not to join nablopmo this year—I’ve been doing it since the beginning—at least every November—I should get something up here just in case.

On the pro side, I’ve done it every year and it does give a feeling of accomplishment.

On the con side, no matter how hard I tried to interact with others, I only developed one reciprocal relationship and she later gave up her blog!

So, I’m still on the fence. Perhaps now that it is off the ning site and on blogher it will improve? I was reading and enjoying Eden Kennedy’s writing when she started it. I followed it from her site to some other site, then to the Ning. I enjoyed the challenge, but missed out on the community.

I like the idea of the blogher community, though not the idea of double posting my blog. I think blogher in general may be too large an amorphous for me—but perhaps I’ll give it a try. I like the blog of the new host—read it extensively before I gave up on having a second child. One thing I learned from my parents—you can’t say you don’t like it if you haven’t tried. Then when you have and you still don’t—say everything you want to.


Anyway…it’s been a long damn week already and its only Tuesday and I didn’t work on Monday, that being Halloween and our Anniversary—which was of course wonderful. Except for James being sick at the beginning and the Bean sick at the end.  All the haunting in between was excellent—someone even trick or treated at our house while riding a REAL pony. The pony was nice the, the kid was cute the mom was surly. Not sure if that was due to our extensively decorated house and the fear of us being Freaks or just her natural outlook on life.

I’ve still got some pictures to post from the final Halloween wrap up, so I guess I’m doing this at least one more day.