Two Missions crash

Two Missions crash

just a weird side note.

After 14 years of living in San Francisco, it still feels weird when I tell folks here “we’re the first left after the Graveyard off Mission.” The two Missions crash into each other in my head.

Took Bean for her first real Graveyard ramble last week (we’ve been before, but this time we fed geese and ducks and hung out for over an hour and she knew that we were in a cemetery). We straightened up the flowers on some graves (I always do that) read some of them and she kept looking for “gus ghost and uncle Creepy” two characters from a Hallween book. It’s good to know being spooky is genetic 🙂

Church was great today. I feel so good after we go. I’m going to help with the annual cleanup day and the UU cookbook too–we have lots of vegetarians so I’ll get first crack at some of the recipes 😉

Got a lot done. Halloween decorations are down and the garage and workroom are organized. Final bits of flotsom put away from my office too. There is still an load of stuff that needs to get done, but the progress is real and continuing. Bean’s bedroom suite is being made by the gnomes as we speak.

I’m having a smaller migraine, so I’m off to bed. Tomorrow–more grocery shopping hopefully finding a painter who can do sponging stuff (I’d love to do it myself, but the paint makes me really ill).