um, burp

um, burp

We went out for Fangsgiving for the first time in um….well more than 7 years. The Bean was sad at first said it wouldn’t be “the right way,” but we convinced her that it needed to be this way this year. After snuggles and some tears it was fine.

We went to the Clarion, which I am happy to say–my food is better, so I have actually learned a thing or two about cooking after not being able to boil water in my early 20s–but it was fine. The desserts were way better than I could do, and the rest put us nicely into a coma. It wasn’t as festive as it can be at home, but everyone had other plans this year so it was the best decision.

Afterwards we all came home and put on our ‘big pants’ and chose up napping places. Except Bean, she was still pretty bouncy, so she played on her computer for a bit, J did some WoW and I looked for a costume drama on the tv. Not too long after Bean came downstairs and wanted a snuggle and so I turned on the new age musis channel and she nestled down in my arms. Pretty soon Babbage, Haru and Bartleby showed up and found places on us to curl up. And I thought as my eyes closed how grateful I was to NOT have a silly amount of homework to do and to be able to guiltlessly snuggle with my darling child and 3/5 of our cat population. It was lovely.

I just finished making a Halloween cake (white cake with orange and black sprinkles) because Em really wanted me to cook something today, which was really sweet. Eventually tonight we’ll have some, but we’re still full!

My thankful list? The Bean and J–my friends old ones and new ones. For new challenges and for eventually having no regrets. For cats all too many of them, including the purry new boy. For family in all its forms.