Visible Soul of our house

Visible Soul of our house

Mr. Teatime

Sweet Bartleby

I’m very tired, these last few days because of some significant changes I’m making in my life. My C, probably forever and always will be cats. Cats were my friends when I had none. Cats were my parents when my parents were not around. When I couldn’t live for me I lived for them. Now I have the wonderful Mr. J and The Bean but also still and always our cats.

The Siamese is Bartleby because he would prefer not to meow. The Cow kitty is Haru, The Bean’s cat

Secret Agent Haruand she is VERY southern and entitled.. Then we have the ancient and large Maine Raccoon Mr. Teatime, rescued from the side of the road by a good friend in SF. He was a wall eyed weirdo that grew into that strange old guy that lives upstairs from you who saves all his newspapers. Zak is the Red Abyssinian, our angry little dictator. The youngest is Babbage, rescued from the front yard of a junior high school during Halloween season as a kitten. He’s a little wild, likes to talk and play vampire with the other cats who do not

Spooky lil kitty

appreciate this at all.

Zak in specs

Go away  couch is full

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