Vociferously Vitriolic

Vociferously Vitriolic



Vociferously Vitriolic=what current political discourse is.

I have long been interested in politics. I worked on my first campaign when I was still in single digits–handing out flyers at the mall for Bill Clinton. I get unreasonably excited about the privilege of voting–so much so that our daughter was expecting an actual party with entertainment and tasty treats when we went to vote in the last presidential election.

But I’m disenchanted now. I’m appalled at how base and crass the level of dialogue (if you can call it that) between the factions is in the last few years.  I’ve heard more racism, more name calling, more just crazy talk i(from both sides)n recent memory than I EVER have. I don’t remember the ‘discussion’ ever being so tasteless and cruel as it is now.

While this won’t keep me away from the voting booth it does keep me from being more involved. Why do we have to name call instead of discuss opposing viewpoints? Why do we have to threaten instead of  question? Why  has this important conversation become about  libtards vs rethuglicans instead of a discussion intended to find the best way for America to prosper and grow? When did the ‘color’ of your state become more important than the nation as a whole?

I’m tired of and disgusted by politics being run like a bully runs a school yard. I wonder when our patriotism turned into jingoism. I wish we could bring back respect for our counterparts–on the left or the right–back into the current political climate.


Maybe then congress might actually get something done–but I’m not sure about that. While I still have great respect for the offices of the president and the judiciary–the legislative branch currently is an embarssament.

Less Vehement and Vociferous Vitriol

more courteous and cultured compromise.



  1. I could not agree with you more!!!!!! It disgusts me how low it’s gotten. Negative campaigning has been around since the founding of the country, but it seems like the last decade or so has seen any filter completely removed from the process. Now anything goes. Say you what you want, whenever and however. And don’t let the truth or facts stop you!


    1. Jyllian M

      Thanks for stopping by Lynn! The lack of truth and facts is a big problem for me too. When put with strident and ugly attacks it’s just getting to the hold your nose point.

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