vote early

vote early

And if you are a republican vote often.

I just lost a much better entry, but I’m too tired to try and recreate it. I have no idea what happened, all of a sudden my (new) laptop screen went blank. I did a hard reboot and it was fine. But the words were gone. Of course, just as I was reaching up to save the entry.


The extent of the Republican dirty tricks in this election is appalling. The robocalls, the threatening (especially in African American and minority areas) calls about being arrested if they turn up to vote. The push polling. Everytime I think I’ve read/heardt he worse it gets more disgusting.

I’m amazed at the depths to which these liars and cheaters will sink.

I think I need to watch V for Vendetta again. It’s frighteningly apropos.

We voted today. On paper. Because Diebold knows how to get out the vote–for the Republicans that is.

I’m almost scared to turn on the tv/radio tomorrow. I’m scared our votes don’t matter, that we’re all little bugs to be stepped on by the powerful right wing government in Washington.

I’ve got to stop now, I’m depressing myself.

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