Who is Wambly

Who is Wambly

Honestly my first inclination is to say W is for Who, as in Doctor. As in wobbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

As in my other major obsession next to Star Trek and music. 

My favorite Doctor is still the 10th. I started with the 4th and 5th. Liked the 8th. Loved the 9th. Fantasize about the 10th (yes I’m Rose dammit) and the 11th is growing on me. When I’m feeling down (which I have quite often the last oh year) I will make sure everyone is squared away and then watch quite a few episodes–staying away from the final ones of the 10th because those make me cry. So it’s not an unusual word, Who,  or maybe it is if it has Doctor in front of it. 


oh, we’re getting to the end of my ideas here. I do like the word  wambly. Or wamble

Wambly is what my stomach felt today as I got ready to take my customarily red hair to platinum. And what it felt like when I saw it, until I was excited and pleased. It’s a little strange I guess that I’m not scared to do things like this, and probably that I do. I’m at an age when people stop doing things like cutting off all their hair and bleaching it white and settle down into having large butts and oh playing bunko (whatever that is) or something.

But it’s just hair. It grows back. Or it can be dyed back if it needs to. It’s shocking to not see your expected head in the mirror when you look but it’s also kind of cool.  And who says I have to act like whatever my age is supposed to act like? I do the important things like take care of our daughter, be married, keep a reasonable house and have a job. We pay our bills and do all those adult type things. It’s perhaps a little odd that I am still wearing converse and combat boots and having some wacky hair but you know what? If I’m old enough to have a mortgage I’m old enough to dress however I want to.


Also today was the first really good day I’ve had at work since I started.

I got pranked

What happens if u forget to lock you workstation

Had an iPhone fart off (yes it was juvenile but I really haven’t laughed much since oh January.  







and changed my head:

(it looks yellower than it is because my walls are yellow, it’s actually nearly white)



  1. Christine

    The hair looks fantastic! Not at all inappropriate, very youthful and stylish. I love how short hair shows off your face.

    I have a bob right now and am finding it a high maintenance mess but am scared to cut. Silly I know!

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