Want, wish, make

Want, wish, make

aprilmoon_day15 Hey aren’t you supposed to keep your wishes secret or they won’t come true? No matter, I have a few and I’ll think of this as manifesting instead. And asking the universe and/or the powers that be to send some of these good things my way (all the while working toward them).

Ok, first off I wish for this to be a good and as easy as it can be move for our daughter. She has such good friends it will be hard for her to not see them every day. Thank goodness for Skype!

For our cats to make the move as easily as they can.

For J to find in Oregon what he never could here- (well of course things have gotten better recently, just like they did before we left Illinois, why is that?) – guys to hang out with who grok him.

It would be nice to sell this house after not too many showings for a good price to move in June. Not earlier, in June.

To find a good place to land to rent for awhile in Oregon that is very cat friendly.

For this bout with PTSD to lift. I’m one of those who doesn’t let it stop me (much) but it keeps me from participating in other than family life and takes away joy in my joyful things.  I’m tired of my weekends being chores or sleeping. I’m tired of being so tired. And scared.

For us to finally finally find the place we can call home in Oregon. To settle in and be ourselves and be a part of…For us to find Em a good, safe new school and some kind girls to hang out with. For me to find some excellent women to hang out with who are at least close to the excellence of the ones I know here.

To write again, here and my writing projects.

To find a job that isn’t cruel or demeaning.

To find some way to part from my family that is less unpleasant than it is now. I think we might be able to love each other from afar, but were never meant to be together again.

I think that about covers it.

April Moon 15 has been very good for me and I’m grateful to Kat McNally and Alana Lawson for their thoughtful prompts and excellent pictures to go along with them. I used April Moon to bring me out of the dark place of winter and it has helped immeasurably. Hopefully in August I’ll be in Oregon, but who knows?



  1. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make this all happen… but I have the feeling I don’t need to. As I’ve said before, you got this, gorgeous!
    We’ve loved having you participate in April Moon. Thank you for showing up and shining a light on your beautiful heart. x

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