We can’t just have one day, can we?

We can’t just have one day, can we?

Oh good lord.

I was worried last night. Beyond worried. As the evening went on and good managed to vanquish evil in many , though not all, places I felt myself exhale for probably the first time in two years.

Now we’ll get our checks and balances back. Now the crazy and corrupt will be investigated. Now we can start the hard work of putting our country back together.

Then that Orange guy has a completely unhinged presser. He yells at reporters and calls accuses an African American woman of racism. He tells another African American woman to sit down and shut up, basically. Later they pulled the credentials of the reporter he yelled at for something their own aide did! It was just fucking bizarre and I couldn’t watch. I dipped in and out while working on spreadsheets and imaging. Then read about it on breaks because that idiot’s voice makes me want to stick a fork in my brain.

And now Cheeto fired the racist Keebler elf. I could give two shits about that deplorable example of everything that is wrong with the South, but his position protected Rosenstein who protects Mueller. And we need that investigation to finish.

And I’m sure Mueller has known this was coming and has made plans. It’s not that so much as..

DAMMIT, can’t we have ONE day without the crazy? Just ONE?