We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be. ― May Sarton

Well then…I don’t take many selfies because I photograph quite badly. Always have.

I never learned to gothgirl thing of posing for the camera. I think the back of my head might be my best side.

There was a picture I liked of myself…it doesn’t just have me in it, but there aren’t many of those anyway.

We were at the Arkansas Anime Festival last April. Em went as Taiga from Toradora and I…well let’s see if you can guess


Fotor-Photo Effect Studio

I even managed to get my hair to look somewhat like his style. I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for about a year now from super short, clipper short. Haven’t been so successful. Still I don’t mind this picture at all. In fact I think it shows our playfulness as a family (an Em is supposed to look grumpy, she’s a Tsundere). And yes I know I have the wrong screwdriver.

I don’t like pictures of myself, but I do like this one.


  1. You look great! Your costume totally works, I can absolutely tell who you are. Heh, I don’t take great photos either, so I’m a bit camera shy.

    Is Toradora any good? I’m always looking for good anime.

    1. I think you can safely start with the series reboot with Chrisopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor. That was about 2004. I started in the 80s when they were running the 4th Doctor and followed through to the 6th. I’m crazy about the 10th personally, Em loves the 9th.

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